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Our Ala Carte menu is full of choice, catering to lovers of rich and intense flavours right through to light and considered vegetarian dishes. We compliment our menu with a selection of cabinet goodies. Offering

our customers a choice of beautiful cakes, sandwiches, pastries and more. If dining in isn’t an option then dining out certainly is. We also offer group and function bookings, just talk to Faith to reserve your space.

Main Menu

Drinks Menu

FAITH & CO CRUMBLED GRANOLA *                                      $15.5

Toasted nuts & seeds, coconut, and cranberries with vanilla, honey & cinnamon. Served with Greek yoghurt and milk (v)

BELGIAN WAFFLES                                                                   $24

Belgian "liege" waffles, banana, blueberry compote, served with maple syrup, orange and creme fraiche

ADD bacon     +6

FREE RANGE EGGS ON TOAST *                                          Poached, or fried                                                                             $12

Scrambled w cream                                                                        $13

BACON AND EGGS *                                                                    $16.5

Poached or fried on house toast

Scrambled with cream                                                                 $17.5


Toast with poached eggs and house made hollandaise sauce with your choice of:

  • Bene - Thick cut bacon/ham                                                 $ 25

  • Monty - smoked salmon                                                         $ 26

  • Florentine - wilted spinach                                                    $ 25

OPEN OMELETTE*                                                                      $22

Two egg baked omelette served with toast and three fillings.

Choose from: Tasty cheese, onion, tomato, mushroom, bacon, ham and chicken

$2 for each extra filling


Two fried  or poached eggs with makhani sauce. Served with cherry tomatoes, fresh coriander and toast

BREAKFAST TARAKIHI                                                              $25

Baked tarakihi fish served with one poached egg, spinach, hash brown and hollandaise sauce

SALMON HASH                                                                           $24

Home made salmon hash with onion and lemon juice served with sautéed spinach, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Served with toast


FAITHS FAST – BREAK *                                                            $26

Thick rasher maple bacon, poached free range eggs, beef sausage, grilled mushroom and hash browns on toast

FAITHS FAST – VEGE BREAK *                                                 $25 Grilled halloumi, poached free range eggs, grilled mushrooms, hash browns, smashed avocado on toast


SMASHED AVOCADO *                                                              $23

Smashed avocado mixed with lemon pepper topped with feta cheese, cherry tomato, toasted seeds and cashew nuts. Served with toast

HALLOUMI & AVOCADO ON TOAST *                                     $23

Grilled Whitestone halloumi, sliced avocado and spinach on toast with house made tomato relish

VEGE POTATO TIKKI                                                                  $23

House made potato, brown lentil and green pea tikki pan fried topped w sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney, and toasted seeds served w onion bhajis (vegan or vegetarian)

POTATO GRATIN                                                                         $23

Crispy potato gratin with one poached egg, mushroom, black pudding and hollandaise sauce

CREAMY MUSHROOMS *                                                               $24
Portobello mushroom pan fried with garlic, thyme and cream on toast

MINCE ON TOAST *                                                                          $23
Classic kiwi beef mince on toast served with peas

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA                                                               $25.5
Panko crumbed fresh chicken breast topped with house made tomato relish and tasty cheddar. Served with salad, fries and aioli

LEMON PEPPER SQUID                                                                  $22
Lightly fried seasoned squid with green leaves and lemon aioli

GRILLED SALMON                                                                           $34
Grilled salmon with potato gratin and broccoli, glazed with a buttery caper sauce. Sprinkled with a sesame togarashi

ANGUS BEEF BURGER                                                                    $24
Beef pattie, bacon, swiss cheese, fried egg, gherkin, lettuce, tomato with house made beetroot/avocado relish in buttermilk buns. Served with fries and aioli

CHICKEN TIKKA BURGER                                                              $24
Marinated chicken thigh, bacon, swiss cheese, gherkin, red onion, lettuce, tomato, house made beetroot/avocado relish in a toasted buttermilk bun. Served with fries and aioli

PASTA ARRABIATA                                                                         $24
Penne pasta with classic beef mince, arrabiata sauce, kiwi hot, topped with parmesan cheese

CHICKEN ON SEASONED RICE                                                     $20
Soy marinated chicken with our chef’s special rice mixed with corn and peas and topped with a fried egg

MARINATED SIRLOIN STEAK 220GM                                           $32
Served with creamy mushrooms, fries and green salad

CRISPY PORK BELLY                                                                       $30
Pork belly served with potato gratin, broccoli, seasame togarashi and red wine jus

FISH AND CHIPS                                                                              $26
Fresh tarakihi in a light crisp batter served w tartare sauce and a green garden salad

CHICKEN KARAAGE                                                                        $22
Chicken thigh marinated in soy, glazed with house made sweet chilli, BBQ and sesame seed dressing. Served with green salad (GF)

LAMB KOFTAS *                                                                               $23
Light spiced lamb mince koftas with green salad, tzatziki, hummus and grilled pita bread

PATE AND TOAST *                                                                         $23
Chicken liver and bacon pate served with toast and pear and fig relish

BEER BATTERED FRIES                                                                  $14
Chunky fries served with house made garlic aioli


THAI BEEF SALAD                                                                           $23

Medium rare sirloin beef, salad greens, red onion, mung bean sprouts and toasted cashews with house made Thai dressing

PRAWN & AVOCADO SALAD                                                        $24

Chargrilled half avocado with cooked prawns, cos lettuce, feta, red onion, toasted seeds and a honey lemon dressing

CHICKEN & AVOCADO SALAD                                                      $23

Grilled chicken, avocado, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onion, toasted seeds and a honey lemon dressing



Thick cut bacon                                                                                        $6

Salmon/Prawns                                                                                         $7

Beef sausage                                                                                              $5

Black pudding                                                                                           $5

Free range egg                                                                                       $3.5

Hash browns                                                                                           $4.5

Mushrooms/grilled tomato                                                                 $5.5

Housemade aioli/mayo/sauce                                                               $3

Gluten free bread on any order                                                          $1.5

House toast 'Arobake' honey ciabatta                                              $2.5

*   Gluten free available on request 

**  If you wish to swap any items in a meal, this will incur a  charge

     Please inform your server of any dietary requirements.
     Daily specials available - see board.

All items prepared in our kitchen may include traces of gluten

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